Solar Energy Systems in Takoma Park, MD

solar panels getting installed on rooftop

Maryland is quickly becoming a solar energy powerhouse, and Takoma Park residents are starting to notice. Maryland has quadrupled solar energy capacity since 2015 and is targeting 50% renewable energy by 2030.

Residential and commercial solar are essential to achieving that goal, and multiple incentives are available to Takoma Park home and business owners to make it happen.

Revolution Solar is Maryland’s choice for cost-effective, quality solar installation. 

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Solar Patios, Roof Decks & Pergolas

You don’t have to choose between rooftop and ground-mounted solar options for your Takoma Park home or business. Consider these nontraditional options that maximize space:

·        Transform part or all of your flat roof space to a solar rooftop deck.

·        Create a shady, energy-generating oasis with a solar pergola.

·        Use your existing shade structure by installing solar panels on top of your patio.

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